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Got Dents? 631.404.7831Nationwide Hail Team

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I took an “after” shot of the Cobalt for you this morning. Feel free to post it on your website. Now that I’ve seen it in broad daylight I really can appreciate the work you did on my car. From my experiences, in the field of professional auto repair, so much emphasis is placed on moving cars in and out to keep the money flowing in, and given that the average customer doesn’t want his car tied up in the shop for too long, it’s mutually beneficial for both sides to let quality slip. If you couldn’t tell from last night, I’m not your average customer: I’m pretty particular about how I keep my cars, and don’t accept less than quality work. To make a long story short, let’s just say I’m a typical GEICO Xpress Auto Repair shop’s worst nightmare. So take it very seriously when I say that I have zero complaints about the job you did. It’s so refreshing to find someone who loves their line of work and wants to do the best job possible, even if the customer can’t tell the difference between “best” and “acceptable”. I‘m very satisfied with how my car came out, and I’m now rethinking my plan to flip it in the spring. Thank you, and I’m more than happy to promise every future dent of mine (and everyone I know) to you. Look for the pics of the colbolt in before and after


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